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  • Shayna Melissa Stockman

    Host Shayna Melissa Stockman, RN, BC-ANP, PNP

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  • Shayna Melissa Stockman holistic health

    Shayna Melissa Stockman, RN, NP

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    About The Host:

    Shayna Melissa Stockman — A Pioneer in Holistic Health Care

    With over three decades of dedicated service as an RN and NP, Shayna has revolutionized the approach to wellness, blending traditional and naturopathic methods to support individuals battling chronic health issues.

    Her deep commitment to holistic health care has transformed countless lives, making her a vanguard in the field of functional medicine.

    Also known as The World Wellness Expert™ and the proud recipient of the New York Women in Health Care Award 2024, not to mention a #1 International Best Selling Author.

    Shayna's mission is all about helping others ditch the pain, fatigue, and endless meds to start living life fully again.

    SHAYNA Melissa Stockman

    Transforming Lives on Air

    The Shayna Show is more than just a program—it's a movement towards holistic health. Here, we dissect and discuss innovative approaches to wellness, shedding light on how every aspect of our lives contributes to health.

     From cutting-edge medical insights to ancient healing traditions, join us as we explore the diverse landscapes of health and well-being.

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