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Journey To Alleviate Pain, Regain Energy, And Reduce Reliance On Prescription Pills!

Elevate Your Health and Wellness with Shayna Melissa Stockman, RN, BC-ANP, PNP

Take control of your health by reducing dependency on medications and discovering natural pathways to pain relief and energy rejuvenation.

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Shayna Melissa Stockman

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Everything You Need to Regain Your Wellness and Start Living Life to the Fullest Again

mindset mastery

Mindset Mastery:

Begin your path to wellness with Mindset Mastery. Overcome barriers with an understanding of your inner strength, fostering a mindset geared towards healing and positivity. Shayna to deep dives into overcome obstacles. Each session is designed to build the foundation of your transformative journey.

autoimmune relief

BioHacking Basics and Autoimmune Disorders:

Gain knowledge about BioHacking and Autoimmune Disorders. The sessions cover everything from initial tests to understanding and managing your triggers. Learn about traditional treatments and explore alternative options that align with a holistic approach on a cellular level.

Food FARMacy

Food FARMacy:

Dive into the Food FARMacy where nutrition meets medicine. Learn how to combat fatigue, reduce inflammation, and support your gut health through simple dietary changes. Discover cooking hacks and ingredients that bring wellness right to your kitchen, helping you make lasting health improvements.

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Bonus Module: Supplementation vs. Gene Activation

This special addition features a renowned regenerative medicine expert discussing the cutting-edge approaches in supplementation and how they can significantly enhance your wellness strategy. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and accelerate your journey to better health.


Your Path to Wellness Mapped Out

Embark on a meticulously designed three-month journey with Shayna Melissa Stockman, crafted to address each aspect of your wellness comprehensively.

Each month unlock new modules, tailored to progressively lead you to a healthier, more vibrant life:


Unlock the power of your mind to foster health and vitality. From understanding your pain to transformation.

  • Believe to Achieve, Deep Breathe & Get Uncomfortable

  • Retrain Your Brain-Winners Never Quit, Serenity Prayer, Let Go

  • Spring Cleaning-Eliminate Your Toxins

  • ✔️ Meditation To Get Happy

    ✔️ Attitude Of Gratitude

    ✔️ Improve Sleep Quality

    ✔️ You're Deserving, Treat Yourself

    ✔️ Confidence Boosters

    ✔️ Mindset Mastery Recap


Delve into the specifics of autoimmune conditions with expert-led actionable advice on managing your health through alternative and traditional treatments.

  • Tests & Traditional Treatments

  • Know Your Triggers & Alternative Options

  • Autoimmune Disorders Management Recap


Turn your diet into a powerful tool for health with our Food FARMacy module. Learn anti-inflammatory foods, essential nutrients and simple, healthy cooking to empower your wellness journey.

  • Autoimmune-Combat Fatigue, Drink Triggers & Alt Options

  • Reduce Inflammation, Rid Water & Avoid Latex Relatives

  • Quick & Healthy Cooking Hacks Like 1 Pot Wonders

  • Gut Health-Gut Brain Heart Triad, Leaky Gut, Collagen, Pre & Probiotics

wellness support natural

Ongoing Support:

Throughout your journey, benefit from direct access to Shayna and personalized support from a team dedicated to your health and well-being.


Why Choose Shayna's Program?

Selecting the right program for your health journey is crucial. Here’s why thousands of patients have trusted Shayna Melissa Stockman to guide them along their wellness journey:

Expert Guidance: Shayna brings over 30 years of combined expertise in traditional and holistic medicine, ensuring you receive well-rounded care.

Nationally Board Certified Medical Pro: 

Shayna is a board certified, licensed Nurse Practitioner. She is consistently keeping abreast of the latest developments in traditional medicine.

Wellness Approach: Committed to identifying and addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms, rather than merely masking them with medication.

Personalized Support:

Get tailored advice that respects your unique health conditions and personal goals.

Comprehensive Resources: From live Q&A sessions to detailed guides and mini-modules, every resource is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

reclaim wellnessShayna Melissa Stockman World Wellness Expert

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